Rebuilding the Caribbean With A Focus on Sustainable Development


Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean with it’s record breaking wind and rain - causing havoc to the local communities. Although the focus is on the health and safety of the local population, business Mogul and Caribbean island-owner, Richard Branson, is already thinking about to long term plans to rebuild the islands.

When the islands were industrialized, they were built to rely on fossil fuels - which have an adverse impact to environment. However - given the advancement of green and eco-friendly technologies, rebuilding the islands with a focus on sustainable energy sources could be a great investment for the islands while reducing their current carbon footprint.

To help kick off this effort, Branson is setting up a fund - which will help the Carribean develop its sustainable development - focusing on infrastructures, homes and utilities. They opportunity to implement green-home strategies is ripe in the Caribbean - given their access to wind, solar and hydro resources to generate clean, renewable energy.

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