How Green Energy Can Power 139 Unique Countries


Providing the world with enough energy is tough. Doing that sustainably is even harder. In an attempt to improve our future, Stanford University’s Mark Z. Jacobson proposed a global vision for how 139 countries could achieve a renewable energy infrastructure by 2050.
Jacobson’s group proposed various strategies that were led by wind, solar and water energy generation. The group then devised a way to increase these sustainable energy sources by 80% in 2030 and 100% in 2050.

The study provides recommendations for each country – taking into account their geographical profiles – such as open land area, proximity and water and available rooftops.  Of course, every country is different.  Countries with larger land masses – such as China and the US - will be able to more easily deploy solar and wind energy generation. While countries with dense populations or those that abut water – will have to take a different approach – such as rooftop solar and offshore energy and wind farms.

All in all, the study has proven that clean energy generation- can be a better, energy efficient future if governments and citizens stand together. Our non-renewable energy sources are declining and the current approaches are adding harmful greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere every second. Sustainable energy presents a clean and powerful way of not only meeting the world’s energy demands but exceeding them. 

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