Domestic Battery Momentum Signals Eco-Friendly Home Traction


Residential renewable energy generation is continuing the gain traction - as the economics now make it a viable option from many consumers.  In the past - the biggest limitation with renewable energy was that a majority of the output was generated during the day - while most of the consumption occurred a night. Therefore, supply could not meet demand - and the household would still have to rely on the power grid to meet their energy requirements.

However - many states are redesigning their power grids and are thinking of ways to make them more sustainable and provide a smaller carbon footprint. This is being led by economics - as utility companies are trying to solve the issue how what to do with excess energy - as they do not have the battery work to store the extra energy.

As a way to solve this issue, Green Mountain Power, a Vermont utility company, is running a pilot project in which they are allowing consumers to install domestic batteries which can store their excess energy. This will enable each home to be a part of the virtual battery network that can power their own homes - while also reducing their reliance on the grid for their energy requirements.

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