Sustainable Home

Your Guide to a Sustainable Home

Figuring out how to make your home more sustainable, economical and efficient can be overwhelming. We can help.

How To Build An Eco-Friendly, Efficient Home

As home owners, home buyers and environmental advocates, we can collectively reduce the environmental impact of our homes. From the intensive to the 'do it yourself', there are steps that we can all take to reduce our environmental impact. A greener, more sustainable life can be closer than we think.



Improve the energy footprint of your home. Options include improving insulation, installing high-efficiency appliances & using clean energy. Learn more about all the green features you should be looking for when in the market to buy an eco-friendly home.



Educate yourself on the specific attributes and principles that every home buyer should look for when buying an eco-friendly home. Learn more about all the green features you should be looking for when in the market to buy an eco-friendly home.



Need help? Reach out to our team for any questions you have. No question is too small or too complicated. We're here to help. 


What's New in Home Sustainability

Each day there are new trends, environmental actions and legislation that impacts the eco-friendly home movement. In our blog, we highlight the latest and greatest so that you can stay up to date.

We Need a Green Home Revolution

The earth's warming may be a global problem, but the best way to address starts as local as it gets - inside of our homes. The movement to address climate change by implementing green home design principles will reduce our environmental impact on the world. The impacts of building greener, smarter, more sustainable homes include:



Lower CO2 Emissions









Lower Operating Costs 


20% Lower Maintenance Costs

Key Sustainable Home Principles

While learning how to renovate or buy an eco-friendly home, you will probably come across some new terms. Provided below are some key definitions that will help you understand important techniques that are used to make a home more economic and energy-efficient.


There are many approaches that you can take to create a more sustainable home. While many of these strategies are intensive, some entail leveraging some of the industries leading green home technologies. To learn more click here or view some of our top recommendations below.


About Us


Self Sustaining Home aims to provide unbiased advice for home owners and buyers who want to reduce their environmental impact through the implementation of green home design principles. This site was established by a group of friends as a way to educate and connect environmental enthusiasts to solutions that will enable them to apply green and eco-friendly building principles in their homes. We strive to understand the characteristics of your local environment and provide you with recommendations and resources to reduce energy, water and emissions. We all have a role to play if we want to ensure our earth is still intact for the next generation. Building, upgrading or renovating a sustainable home is easier than you probably think, and comes with big rewards. We hope to share our knowledge, have some fun and get others excited in the process.